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Interface SessionProperties


  • SessionProperties



Optional allowTranscoding

allowTranscoding: boolean

It defines if you want to allow transcoding in the media server or not when forcedVideoCodec is not compatible with the browser/client.

Default to false

Optional customSessionId

customSessionId: string

Fix the sessionId that will be assigned to the session with this parameter. You can take advantage of this property to facilitate the mapping between OpenVidu Server 'session' entities and your own 'session' entities. If this parameter is undefined or an empty string, OpenVidu Server will generate a random sessionId for you.

Optional defaultRecordingProperties

defaultRecordingProperties: RecordingProperties

Default recording properties of this session. You can easily override this value later when starting a Recording by providing new RecordingProperties

Default values defined in RecordingProperties class

Optional forcedVideoCodec

forcedVideoCodec: VideoCodec

It defines which video codec do you want to be forcibly used for this session. This allows browsers/clients to use the same codec avoiding transcoding in the media server. If the browser/client is not compatible with the specified codec and allowTranscoding is false and exception will occur. If forcedVideoCodec is set to VideoCodec.NONE, no codec will be forced.

Default to VideoCodec.VP8

Optional mediaMode

mediaMode: MediaMode

How the media streams will be sent and received by your clients: routed through OpenVidu Media Node (MediaMode.ROUTED) or attempting direct p2p connections (MediaMode.RELAYED, not available yet)

Default to MediaMode.ROUTED

Optional mediaNode

mediaNode: { id: string }

This feature is part of OpenVidu Pro tier PRO

The Media Node where to host the session. The default option if this property is not defined is the less loaded Media Node at the moment the first user joins the session. This object defines the following properties as Media Node selector:

  • id: Media Node unique identifier

Type declaration

  • id: string

Optional recordingMode

recordingMode: RecordingMode

Whether the Session will be automatically recorded (RecordingMode.ALWAYS) or not (RecordingMode.MANUAL)

Default to RecordingMode.MANUAL

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