OpenVidu Components 🔗

What is it 🔗

OpenVidu Components is a new frontend framework built for making videoconferencing applications for OpenVidu in the simplest possible way. It is an npm library (currently available for Angular) that provides the developer powerful and complete videoconferencing components. These components can be adapted, extended and replaced very easily to suit your application's needs.

OpenVidu Components is only one of the three strategies available to integrate OpenVidu in your application's client. You can take a look to sections Ready-to-use component or Full control of the UI to explore the other alternatives.

The main goal always pursued by the OpenVidu team is to reduce to a minimum the developer's effort when creating videoconferencing applications. OpenVidu Components can greatly assist in this goal for the following reasons:

  • It avoids having to start from scratch and avoids low-level details. You can have the first version of your application up and running in minutes, and work on your customizations from there.
  • It offers as much customization as possible. Adapt, extend and replace any component however you want.
  • It keeps your code up to date. Using OpenVidu Components means that your application will be much easier to update after each new OpenVidu release.

Nothing better than a real example to see the potential of OpenVidu Components. Our production-ready flagship application OpenVidu Call is developed using OpenVidu Components.

Where to start 🔗

OpenVidu components is currently available for Angular framework. You can check the openvidu-angular documentation here.

There are also multiple tutorials available that show the benefits of OpenVidu Components and guide you step by step through each customization process. These tutorials cover everything OpenVidu Components offers, from customizing colors and branding logos to injecting new features:

On the other hand, you can use the production-ready application which makes the most of all the features offered by OpenVidu Components library:

  • openvidu-call: OpenVidu's production-ready flagship application.

What about other frontend frameworks 🔗

Supporting the most popular frontend frameworks is in our roadmap, but for the moment OpenVidu Components is only available for Angular applications.