OpenVidu Inspector

A powerful, easy-to-use and visually attractive dashboard that will help you monitor, manage and review all your videoconferences. Some features already available in the current version of OpenVidu Pro are:

Full in-depth visualization of your ongoing video sessions 🔗

Review each client connected to a video session and the media streams each one is sending and receiving. Our intuitive graph visualization will give you a complete summary of your sessions.

Moderation capabilities of ongoing video sessions 🔗

Through OpenVidu Inspector you are able to administrate your video sessions just by pressing buttons: cut the video or audio of any publisher, force the disconnection of any participant, start and stop the recording of any video session and close them whenever you want.

Recording management 🔗

OpenVidu Inspector allows you to review all your recordings in a simple way. Preview them, download them or delete those you don't need anymore. Just with a couple of clicks.

Session history 🔗

OpenVidu inspector provides a very intuitive way to see all our sessions info in OpenVidu Pro. From session status dashboard showing the percentage of successful and problematic sessions, through session history, session anomalies detected in troubleshooting section, detailed users visualization, browser logs, events timeline and tons of relevant information about our sessions.

Cluster management 🔗

OpenVidu Pro provides clustering features for scalable video sessions. You can manage your cluster from OpenVidu Inspector, launching and dropping Media Nodes with the click of a button to adapt your cluster according to CPU load.

Client geographic location 🔗

OpenVidu Pro is able to locate your clients by city and country to make easier the identification of the users connecting to your sessions. You can consult this property to OpenVidu Server whenever you want with REST API or any server SDK. You also have available this info in OpenVidu Inspector:

This product includes GeoLite2 data created by MaxMind, available from

Programmatic reset 🔗

OpenVidu Pro supports programmatic reset. You may call a REST API method to restart your OpenVidu Server process. This way you can:

  • A) Change OpenVidu Server configuration properties
  • B) Easily clean up any garbage process or file that may have been stranded

You may also restart OpenVidu Server Pro directly in OpenVidu Inspector: