Class ConnectionProperties

    • Method Detail

      • getType

        public ConnectionType getType()
        Returns the type of Connection.
      • getData

        public String getData()
        Returns the secure (server-side) metadata assigned to this Connection.
      • adaptativeBitrate

        public Boolean adaptativeBitrate()
        Whether this Connection uses adaptative bitrate (and therefore adaptative quality) or not. For local network connections that do not require media transcoding this can be disabled to save CPU power. If you are not sure if transcoding might be necessary, setting this property to false may result in media connections not being established.

        Only for ConnectionType.IPCAM
      • onlyPlayWithSubscribers

        public Boolean onlyPlayWithSubscribers()
        Whether to enable the IP camera stream only when some user is subscribed to it. This allows you to reduce power consumption and network bandwidth in your server while nobody is asking to receive the camera's video. On the counterpart, first user subscribing to the IP camera stream will take a little longer to receive its video.

        Only for ConnectionType.IPCAM
      • getNetworkCache

        public Integer getNetworkCache()
        Size of the buffer of the endpoint receiving the IP camera's stream, in milliseconds. The smaller it is, the less delay the signal will have, but more problematic will be in unstable networks. Use short buffers only if there is a quality connection between the IP camera and OpenVidu Server.

        Only for ConnectionType.IPCAM
      • toJson

        public toJson​(String sessionId)