activeAt: number

Timestamp when the Connection was taken by a user (passing from status "pending" to "active") in UTC milliseconds (ms since Jan 1, 1970, 00:00:00 UTC)

clientData: string

Data associated to the Connection on the client-side. This value is set with second parameter of method Session.connect in OpenVidu Browser

connectionId: string

Identifier of the Connection. You can call methods Session.forceDisconnect or Session.updateConnection passing this property as parameter

connectionProperties: ConnectionProperties

The ConnectionProperties assigned to the Connection

createdAt: number

Timestamp when the Connection was created, in UTC milliseconds (ms since Jan 1, 1970, 00:00:00 UTC)

ip: string

IP of the Connection, as seen by OpenVidu Server

location: string

PRO Geo location of the Connection, with the following format: "CITY, COUNTRY" ("unknown" if it wasn't possible to locate it)

platform: string

A complete description of the platform used by the participant to connect to the session

publishers: Publisher[] = []

Array of Publisher objects this particular Connection is publishing to the Session (each Publisher object has one Stream, uniquely identified by its streamId). You can call Session.forceUnpublish passing any of this values as parameter

status: string

Returns the status of the Connection. Can be:

  • pending: if the Connection is waiting for any user to use its internal token to connect to the session, calling method Session.connect in OpenVidu Browser.
  • active: if the internal token of the Connection has already been used by some user to connect to the session, and it cannot be used again.
subscribers: string[] = []

Array of streams (their streamId properties) this particular Connection is subscribed to. Each one always corresponds to one Publisher of some other Connection: each string of this array must be equal to one Publisher.streamId of other Connection

token: string

Token associated to the Connection. This is the value that must be sent to the client-side to be consumed in OpenVidu Browser method Session.connect.